The Health Check-up Camp organized by Aadivasi Welfare Foundation (AWF) marked a significant milestone in the organization’s continuous efforts to uplift tribal communities. On 05/10/2023, in collaboration with Sri Satya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital, the camp was held in the village of Shankarda, East Singhbhum.

The primary objective of the camp was to address the critical healthcare needs of tribal communities, with a specific focus on women’s health. AWF has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of these communities for the past five years, involving them in projects that not only safeguard nature but also create sustainable livelihood opportunities.
During the health check-up camp, free health assessments, consultations with expert medical practitioners, and the provision of essential medicines were offered to the beneficiaries, with a keen focus on pregnant women. The event saw active participation from the community, with a total of 50+ beneficiaries benefiting from the camp.

The success of this initiative sets the stage for AWF to further intensify efforts in organizing similar health camps and ensuring that good healthcare is accessible to every mother in need in rural areas. AWF expresses sincere gratitude to Sri Satya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital for their collaboration and the government hospital for providing the necessary space. The critical role played by ASHA workers in facilitating the examination process is deeply appreciated.
This health check-up camp represents the beginning of a sustained effort to prioritize health and well-being within tribal communities. AWF remains committed to partnering with CSR companies and continuing these vital initiatives, which aim to make a tangible and enduring difference in the lives of those we serve.

Health Check-up Camp Organized by AWF