1. What is your legal identity?

Not for profit, a section 8 company.

2. Can we see your financial statements?

Yes. Upon request we share.

3. Do you have valid 12 A, 80 G?

Yes. Please refer to this link- Certifications

4. Are you associated with any political ideology?

No. We are a group of committed impact-makers who believe in inclusive growth and do not discriminate based on caste, gender, ideology, etc.

5. How many states are you working in?

5 states- Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Jharkhand, West Bengal.

6. Can you work in my preferred location?

We work in areas after a detailed need assessment, with assured community participation. However, we are open to exploring new locations, and areas.

7. Do you have FCRA?

No. Since we are not seeking any foreign grants at the moment, we have not applied for the certification yet.

8. Do you take donations in kind?

We do take donations in kind subject to the rules and regulations.

9. Does your organization help us with RTI/activism?

We are not a group of activists. So, unfortunately not a right team to assist on this.

10. Do you provide scholarships or financial aid to individuals?

Yes. On a case-to-case basis, upon evaluation by our grant committee we provide scholarships to deserving candidates.

11. Is this a family-owned trust or managed by a business group?

No. We are a section 8 company managed by shareholders, none of them are connected by blood relationship for maintaining the trust and credibility.

12. Do you also support small NGOs

Yes. We believe in a collaborative approach and consistently look for synergies for greater impacts. If you are a registered self-help group, NGO or Trust doing good work, relevant to our domain of work, looking for guidance and grants, please feel free to get in touch with us

13. Do you support disaster management?

We believe in the prevention of disasters. For example, to reduce the possibility of forest fires, we dig trenches, and fire lines in our plantation areas. We plant trees in mountainous, hilly areas to alleviate landslides. We plant trees around water bodies to reduce the effects of floods.

14. Do you invite international interns?

Yes. We welcome interns across different locations, and countries in line with our international policies.

15. How can we partner with your organization?

If you are a company looking for CSR partnerships, please write to us at info@awf.co.in

16. Which are your main focus areas?

Our work domain lies in nature conservation which includes tree plantation, rainwater harvesting, rural livelihood generations like honey beekeeping/art and craft training, support to the fishery, and manufacturing of woolen clothing.