People’s Story

AWF empowers women like Deepa Naik, who hails from Odisha. Deepa currently has 3 members in her family- her parents and her sister, whom she supports financially. She has been working tirelessly with us for the past 1 year. Deepa now says that because she has been working in close conjunction with Aadivasi Welfare Foundation, she now has lots of livelihood opportunities and environmental awareness. She has developed an affinity to nature and is now practicing sustainable agriculture. She is proud of herself for being independent and being able to provide for the family because of AWF.
Deepa Naik
Maan Singh and his family hail from a village in Jharkhand. He has been working with AWF for the past 2 years. With Revenue generated by working on different livelihood projects of the Aadivasi Welfare Foundation, he is now able to send his children to school and meet other financial needs of his family. He says “I also earn a steady income by selling the fruits of the vegetation I have planted with my own hands. This is truly fulfilling work and gives me immense pride and self-confidence."
Maan Singh
Amar Singh Sardar hails from Jharkhand. He has been working with us for the past one and a half years. Sardar used to work as a contractual laborer in his village and now has livelihood throughout the year because of Aadivasi Welfare Foundation.His contribution has been crucial in helping to mobilize and gather integral human resources from his village in Tetla Panchayat It is commendable that he has been able to mobilize and gather human resources from his village, which is an important aspect of community development. By involving and engaging local people in development initiatives, the impact of such efforts can be more sustainable and long-lasting. Amar’s story highlights the importance of organizations in promoting sustainable livelihoods and community development.
Amar Singh